A Very Warm House

warm house

Ferro Strouse Gallery and realstupidproductions are proud to present A Very Warm House. This show explores the role of spaces in which art is displayed. In order to most sensitively address this aspect of the art world, the work and space chosen for this show were selected to create a home that the art can comfortably occupy. Organized as a housewarming party in a Brooklyn apartment, the exhibition displays this idea of a home for art in sculpture, painting, video, and performance. These pieces were carefully sourced from artists found by realstupidproductions, whose official statement is as follows:

Ferro Strouse Gallery and realstupidproductions are proud to present A Very Warm House. Its cool, we promise. We’re in it, we’re pretty cool. All these other people are in it too and they’re pretty cool too: 

Amanny Ahmad  Chris Bennett  Nick Buffin  Jenny Eagleton  Kevin Evans  Matthew Every  Jose Figueroa  Alex Gibson  Isabel Baptista Gomez  Erin Grant  Hannah Guerrero  Davon Howard  Alex Hutton  Ariel Jackson  Joe Kay  Aaron Kuhn  Nandi Loaf  Josephine Messer  Olive Panter  Rose Salane  Shawn Smith  Audrey Snyder  Lena Takamori  Lash Taylor  Fern Vargus  Theresa Zeitz-Lindamood  Peter Zohore

And everyone who’s not in it is also cool, they’re just not in it right now. maybe next time.

Anyway, we’re trying to get sponsored by George Foreman. We’ll make you burgers and stuff. Its about fitting in to stand out and eating burgers with all your friends. BYOB. Bring a towel and swimsuit. We’re gonna go to the beach at 15H00 afterwards. Come at 12H00.The opening is from 12H00 to 15H00.

Who: realstupidproductions @ Ferro-Strouse Gallery

When: Saturday July 27th 12-3pm

Where: 77 Pillings St #2 Brooklyn 11207

Why: Art Opening! and then the beach @ 3.

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